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Update: It's been way too long since I did anything to this site, and I'm sorry. I still hold an eternal flame for His Hugoness, but lately I've been spending a lot of time on LiveJournal instead of here. You can find me on LiveJournal under the username tanathir.

Tanathir decrees that this site shall be even DEIRTIER. On this site I'll include nearly everything about what deir-ty is (who but Hugo himself could encompass it all?), including photos, a biography, a list of films, news, and how Hugo Weaving is responsible.  And of course...
"Unfortunately, no one can tell you what deir-ty is.  You have to see it for yourself."
         --warped phrase from The Matrix; sorry, Morpheus
I can't truly explain the nuances of what deir-ty means.  It's one of those things one simply knows from example instead of definition.

(The original Deir-ty Girls page will remain, though it will no longer be updated.)
What makes Hugo Weaving so special? If you're already familiar with the concept of "deir-ty" then I won't need to explain. But if you're a new visitor...hmmm...
Hugo has been in two of the highest-grossing trilogies ever, as Agent Smith in The Matrix, and Lord Elrond in Lord of the Rings. He's been in numerous other films, ranging from psychodrama, to humor, to romantic comedy, to children's films, to just plain artistic and original. He is a talented actor, devoted family man, has a love of life and a great sense of humor.
Oh yeah. And he's really damn SEXY.

Explaining the concept of deir-ty to an outsider is...difficult. Tanathir shall try. In The Matrix Revisited, Hugo was interviewed on his role as Smith. When describing the fight with Morpheus in the abandoned hotel bathroom, Hugo waggled those eyebrows and said "it was a dirty dirty fight." Those who were already Hugonuts giggled and swooned, but more important was Hugo's accent.
It sounded like he said "deir-ty deir-ty fight." The Hugo/Smith pervs latched onto that. I mentioned that growing up, I was Tomboyish, preferring to wade in the ditch catching frogs than play tea party. In short, I was a dirty little girl. So were many other Hugo Weaving fans. oqidaun must be given credit for creating the preferred spelling.  We started a goofy little informal club of sorts, complete with a website.  Because spreading the deirt was so important, it became necessary to form an actual mailing list.  DG the Yahoo!Groups mailing list was two years old on July 15, 2004.  Go us!
I've rambled on long enough. Thanks for taking a look at my site. The site should speak for itself in defining deir-ty.  If not, then try another site.  If you don't like Hugo, then why the hell are you here?

Or go to this site; it's actually good.

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Viva el Hugo! Viva las Deir-ty Girls!