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A Matrix-inspired fan fiction by Tanathir

Copyright 2002 by Tanathir

Summary: Agent Smith is sent to learn from a human.


Disclaimer: The Matrix belongs to Warner Bros. and the Wachowski brothers. I don’t own Smith or any of the Agents. I also do not own Neo nor do I possess his powers. If anything is familiar to you from the movie I probably don’t own it. Gemini and the Watchers do belong to me, however, come rain or shine.


Indications: Smith/Original Female Character pairing.  Takes place before the events of The Matrix (released 1999).  Rated R - NC-17 mostly for sexual content.  Work-in-progress.


Chapter Fifteen: Perhaps Pleasure Is Not Overrated
Chapter Sixteen: It Changes Things
Chapter Seventeen: Spooning
Chapter Eighteen: Why Coppertops Smell
Chapter Nineteen: Just Two People
Chapter Twenty: Agents Don't Have...
Chapter Twenty-One: Shades of Grey
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Brains, the Brawn, and...What Are You?
Chapter Twenty-Three: For All the Chocolate In the Matrix
Chapter Twenty-Four: Beyond the Numbers
Chapter Twenty-Five: The Matrix At Large, Part 1
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Matrix At Large, Part 2
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Rain
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Falling
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Cause and Effect

The author is a Feedback Ho and greatly desires your reviews.

Viva el Hugo! Viva las Deir-ty Girls!