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Yahoo!Group conduct

I am List Owner of a Yahoo!Groups mailing list.  Linkage here.
It's a great list, with very courteous and respectful people.  We celebrate our second anniversary on July 15, 2004.  You're welcome to sign up, provided you're a fan of Hugo Weaving.
Below is (paraphrased) the welcome message you'll get upon signing up.
Of most importance, lest the dreaded Grammar Agent come after you:
The preferred spelling is deir-ty. E before I and hyphenated before the T.

Q. Why are we here?
A. That's far too metaphysical.
Q#2. Why are we in this group?
A#2. We are here to discuss Hugo Weaving; his acting, his drop dead gorgeous looks, his projects, TV schedules etc, his grapes...

Q.What the hell is "deir-ty"?
A.It's 'dirty' only with an Australian (aka Hugo) accent. It means dirty thoughts specifically pertaining to Hugo.

Q. What's with the grapes obsession?
A. This refers to a picture of Hugo nekkid with only a cartoon bunch of grapes to hide his Huuuuugeness. We want to peel off those grapes we do.

Q. Nekkid?
A. Naked = no clothes on.
Nekkid = no clothes on and you're up to something.

Q. Huuuuuuuuge?
A. Like 'huge' only Hugo proportions.

Q. Any rules to this club?
A. The rules (in a nutshell) we have are:
1. Try not to lurk. Jump in, the water's fine!
2. If you must use the F-word, use it in moderation. The List Owner is not overly fond of the word.
3. Be civil.
4. Be respectful to people's religions/life philosophies. The list encompasses a variety of ages, beliefs, and lifestyles.
4.5 Off-Topic discussions are fine, but please label them as such and do not come to the list simply to unload your OT views. Express opinions, but listen to others' as well.
5. No real-person fanfic, ie. No stories about Hugo in this group, only stories about the characters he's played. [Character slash is fine, but no real-person slash.]  Outside links to websites with such content should be approved by the List Owner, and include a disclaimer.
6. Be deir-ty. (hmmm, maybe that should be #1)
7. Have fun.

Q. Are you all quite, quite mad?
A. Yes. We're all nuts. Hugonuts, to be precise.
If you think you fit in with this kind of "barkers" and "irreverent" group, I welcome you.

Tanathir Makes Site Disclaimer

Tanathir owns very little.  Most pictures are right-click borrowed from other locations.  It's all done to promote the deirt and show the magnificence of His Hugoness, but if anyone objects to me posting something they feel I've stolen, please let me know and I'll remove it.
This site contains adult content.  I try to provide disclaimers, but as a general rule, consider site content to be PG-13 to R rated.  Tanathir has no inside connections to Hugo Weaving, his films, or his management.  Abuse/misuse of Hugo characters and situations as well as general insanity is for entertainmant purposes only.


The default paragraph for the page editor mentioned something about "juicy" gossip. Given the significance of grapes in Hugo Weaving fandom, it was a serendipitous choice.
Aussies Without Cossies
In the 1990s, Hugo participated in an event for children's charities.  Many other prominent Australian public figures also participated.  Normally this would merely make fans of Hugo think "gosh, that's admirable, he's a great guy" except for the details of this benefit.
Participants danced on a stage to a routine from "The Full Monty."  That's right.  Hugo, in public, stripping.  Ending up naked but for sunglasses and shoes.  Pictures were taken for an Australian magazine, in which Hugo's huuuuugeness was made modest by silly cartoon grapes.
This is the ultimate deir-ty photograph.
I promised not to publicly display this picture on a website, so distribution of the ultimate grapes picture must be done privately.  This may be one of the most public "secrets" of deir-ty girl fandom.
Linkage to Aussies Without Cossies text articles coming soon.


Thanks to Heri for helping compile the FAQ.

Viva el Hugo! Viva las Deir-ty Girls!